Admiralty International and its principals have completed the following assignments in Asia

Afghanistan: Afghan Reconstruction Group

Directly involved in promoting SME development and public-private partnerships at the provincial level. Designed programs to attract private sector investment for various agri-business sectors including, food processing, cold chain and transportation. Principal advisor for private sector and SME development. Directed a team of professionals for the agriculture, transport, mining, ITC and energy sectors.

Afghanistan: SME Investment Fund

Principal financial and management advisor to a $600 million private holding company with equity investments in Afghan enterprises in diverse industry sectors: agri-business, finance & insurance, construction, mining, fuel, transport, security and fast-moving consumer goods. Restructured the fund. Raised growth capital. Advised on joint ventures.

Afghanistan: SME Management

Direct responsibility for several of the holding company’s enterprises.

Afghanistan: Afghanistan International Bank

Advised Afghanistan International Bank (an ADB investment). Admiralty International Director was on the Board of Directors and its Audit Committee.

Afghanistan: Mining Project

Admiralty International Director was Board of Directors member of a major international mining group.

Asia: Establishment of Asia Shipping Group

Established specialty lending group for Bank of America, with division wide ship financing and marine related financings. Recruited, trained, motivated and managed professional and clerical staff, and negotiated, documented and closed numerous financing transactions. Established credit procedures, term loan review policies and lending criteria for all of Asia Division, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, PRC, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand. A Bank of America project.

Australia: Data Processing

Created Human Resources business plan for outsourcing of data processing from banks

Azerbaijan: Hotel Project.

Advised major US hotel chain operator on establishing a four star hotel in Baku.

Bangladesh: Production and Export of Processed Foods

Admiralty developed an investment strategy for the production of export oriented processed foods, in a joint venture with Duncans, the largest tea exporter in Bangladesh. Funded by Admiralty International and private investors.

Bangladesh: Production of Superphosphate Fertilizer

Admiralty conducted a feasibility study on the economic and commercial viability of developing a fertilizer plant for the production of superphosphate fertilizer for local use. Admiralty International is founding member of the New Zealand Fertilizer Technology Group. Funded by the New Zealand Government.

Bangladesh: Privatization of Public Manufacturing Enterprises

Admiralty developed and implemented a comprehensive strategy for the privatization of selected public manufacturing enterprises, in close coordination with two related technical assistance projects relating to labor productivity and regulatory changes. Reviewed financial position of selected public manufacturing enterprises; undertook financial workouts; reviewed feasibility of rationalization; examined restructuring needs; assessed constraints to privatization; developed disinvestment strategy, including leases, management contracts, employee stock ownership buyouts, etc; examined and formulated procedures and policies to increase private investment, including foreign investment. This was an Asian Development Bank project.

China: Advising to China Tire Holding

Advised China Tire Holding, Hong Kong on establishment of a special joint venture with the People's Republic of Viet Nam. The project was a BOT program to develop a major tire manufacturing facility jointly with the Government of Viet Nam.

China: Importing Medical Equipment

Part of a joint venture with a US based medical exporting firm to export imaging (X-ray) machines into China. This was an independent project on behalf of medical client.

China: Fertilizer Sector - Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Admiralty provided the structure of a legal and regulatory framework for the fertilizer industry of China, as part of its ten years plan to improve the efficiency of its fertilizer industry. Admiralty International provided the management, legal and fertilizer industry expertise. It was necessary to investigate the requirements of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the producers, distribution companies and the farmers. Recommendations were made as to implementation steps and model legislation was drawn up. An Asian Development Bank funded project.

China: Industrial Environmental/Financial Project

Financial and environmental analyses of a multi-loan environmental project, targeting six-publicly owned enterprises in the Tangshan and Chengde Municipal Districts, including conversion of coal fired industrial plants to gas fired. Companies included two ceramics factories, a water purification plant, two municipal district heat generating and distribution plants, and a municipal gas plant. This was an Asian Development Bank project.

China: Investing in Apple Production and Juicing

Admiralty participated as investment bankers in a feasibility study on improving the quality and yield of apple output, in association with the New Zealand Apple and Pear Board. This was funded by the New Zealand Government.

China: Manufacturing Soil Testing Equipment

Admiralty performed a feasibility study on the economic and commercial viability of manufacturing and selling soil testing equipment, in cooperation with the New Zealand Agricultural Research Institution and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. This project was New Zealand Government funded.

China: English Language and Business School

Admiralty completed a financial analysis on economic feasibility of establishing English language schools and business schools in China, together with Thai associates. This was an independent investment banking project.

India: Survey of Corporate Debt Market

Admiralty performed a financial survey of the corporate debt markets in India for the International Finance Corporation. Interviewed and analyzed issuers of and investors in corporate debt. Investigated the factors influencing supply and demand of debt instruments, local infrastructure (including trading, settlement, depository and intermediaries and many other factors), policies and practices, and the impediments to creating a strong capital market. Evaluated current securitization market. Reviewed local and international markets for securitized debt. Provided recommendations to improve usefulness and depth of debt markets. A project funded by the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank.

India: Develop and Implement Modern HR System

Project managed new HR System for major international bank. Engaged full service systems company to develop, install, and train personnel in new operations hardware and software. Monitored progress and assisted in problem resolution to deliver on-time and under budget solutions to improved information technology support to business units.

Indonesia: Investment in Fish Processing and Export

Advised several US and Indonesian clients on fish harvesting, processing and exporting. The project was jointly funded with private clients.

Indonesia: Investment in Sawn Timber Exports

Advised US and Indonesian investors on import strategy for Indonesian sawn timber to Japan and US markets. This was investor funded.

Japan: Investment in US Companies

Identified lending opportunities for several Japanese banks that were raising US dollars in the Euro markets. Acted as "go between" for both Japanese and US sides. This was a Bank of America Investment Banking Group project.

Japan: Export Opportunities for New Zealand

Advised New Zealand based trading company on export strategies to Japan for a wide range of NZ made products.

Japan: Fenchurch Navigation

Responsible for managing and serving as director for several one ship holding companies created to own and charter several large ships to major Japanese shipping companies, including a very large crude oil carrier (VLCC) and a "Panamax" bulk carrier. A Bank of America funded project.

Kazakhstan: Commercializing Food Processing

Admiralty International completed a pre-investment study on food processing and exporting in cooperation with the Kazak Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Agriculture and a large agricultural co-operative. A New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade project.

Korea: Food Processing

Evaluated technical, commercial and economic viability of a fish processing company in Korea using Japanese technology to produce "surimi" processed fish. A Bank of America project.

Korea: Garment Exporting

Direct investment in garment exporting activities of associated parties. Responsible for importing fabric, detailing specifications, supervising quality control and arranging exports.

Korea: Container Investments

Evaluated the commercial and economic feasibility of producing export seagoing 20 foot and 40 foot containers with Korea's largest container manufacturer. Investigated market for sale and lease of collapsible containers. Our extensive experience with the US (especially San Francisco) based container owning and leasing companies gave us a special understanding of the investment opportunities.

Korea: Lending to Ship-Builders

Evaluating Korean shipyards prior to a client's investing. This involved a survey of local laws relating to investment, security and banking, and a survey of existing shipyard investments.

Korea: Ship Financing

Advised international banking client on direct debt investment in several Korean shipping companies.

Korea: Importation of Foods and Medicines

Advised Korean clients involved in importing New Zealand honey and deer velvet (antlers) into Korea. At the same time, Admiralty was advising a number of New Zealand producers.

Kyrgyz Republic: Privatization and Governance Project

Admiralty acted as investment banker to an Asian Development Bank mission to develop a project loan. Surveyed existing legal environment (especially company law, bankruptcy law, and security laws), capital markets, major SOEs, local investment companies and certain successfully privatized enterprises. Developed conditionality matrix for project loan.

Kyrgyz Republic: Restructuring of Co-operative Banks

Admiralty organized and implemented project mission in the Kyrgyz Republic in preparation of the proposal for the Asian Development Bank project of restructuring of co-operative banks in the Republic.

Laos: Plantation Forests

Admiralty provided financial evaluation of a neem tree plantation in Laos, in joint venture with potential Thai partner. This was jointly funded by the New Zealand Government, our Thai client, Admiralty and other investors.

Malaysia: MSC Commercial Fleet Ship Financing

Provided long term project finance debt to Mediterranean Shipping Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (MSC), a privately-owned container shipping line.

Malaysia: MISC Berhad.

Provided long term project finance debt.

Mongolia: Commercial Bank Due Diligence

Conducted a full due diligence review of 5 commercial banks to assess their suitability to hold US government funds for disbursement to local projects.

Myanmar: Evaluation of Investment Opportunities

Now engaged in evaluation of investment opportunities in Myanmar. An independent investment banking project.

Nepal: Study of Pollution in Kathmandu Valley

In association with the Wool Research Organization of New Zealand a team of experts, Admiralty identified the pollution generated by the wool industry in the Kathmandu Valley. Visited the major manufacturing sites in the Valley, conducted chemical analyses of the environment and recommended strategies to reduce water and air borne pollution. A New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade aid project.

Pakistan: Fleet Financing

Analyzed cashflows of shipowner and determined financial viability of ship financing. Arranged term financing, foreign exchange, including all documentation.

Pakistan: Survey of Corporate Debt Market

Performed a financial survey of the corporate debt markets in Pakistan for the International Finance Corporation. Interviewed and analyzed issuers of and investors in corporate debt. Investigated the factors influencing supply and demand of debt instruments, local infrastructure (including trading, settlement, depository and intermediaries and many other factors), policies and practices, and the impediments to creating a strong capital market. Evaluated current securitization market. Reviewed local and international markets for securitized debt. Provided recommendations to improve usefulness and depth of debt markets.

Philippines: Fleet Financing

Assisted in structuring financing of new ships, with British ECGD credit guarantees.

Philippines: Outsourcing Commercial Bank Data Processing

Created and implemented business plan for outsourcing of data processing from banks

Sri Lanka: Seafood Processing

Provided financial advice to a US based client investigating the feasibility of investing in fish processing and the canning industry. Negotiations with Ministry of Fisheries were well advanced until local civil unrest caused client to withdraw interest. Funded by Bank of America and Global Ocean Development, Inc.

Southeast Asia: Bank Operations

Managed regional operations and human resources for a major international bank’s Southern and Southeast Asia Region to include India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Created new organizational and capacity changes throughout the multi-country and multi-cultural area of responsibility.

Taiwan: Importation of Foods and Medicines

Advised Taiwanese clients on importing New Zealand agricultural products into Taiwan.

Taiwan: Investment in New Zealand

Advised numerous Taiwanese clients on investment opportunities in New Zealand.

Taiwan: Yacht Exports

Reviewed investment opportunities in exporting Taiwan built yachts to the US. Surveyed existing boat yards and designs. Identified US investors and introduced to project. Negotiated quality control with American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd's Register of the UK.

Taiwan: Re-organization of Commercial Bank Personnel System

Consulted major international bank on and managed re-engineering project to improve organizational capacity through using multi-level teams within and across functions. Resulted in lower risk profile leading to higher revenue and lower loss while improving efficiency of talent skill base. (Taiwan)

Thailand: Seafood Processing

Provided financial advice to US based client investigating the feasibility of investing in Thai tuna canning industry.

Vietnam: Investment in Tire Factory

Identified and negotiated with a range of foreign investors interested in a direct investment in Vietnam's largest tire factory. Later, was retained by Vietnam motor car assembly plant to identify additional investors for the same tire factory. Have subsequently, played a role in introducing that factory to investment opportunities in Romania. An independent investment banking project.

Vietnam: Investigating the Viability of Upgrading the Cau Dien Foodstuffs Export Company

Admiralty International provided the financial specialist and business analysts in this project to assess the feasibility and methods to improve the standards of plant and equipment, buildings, organizational structure and product-market mix. The report was used as the basis of attracting joint venture investment interest in the company.

Vietnam: Production and Export of Fruit

Admiralty completed a pre-investment study, in co-operation with Vegetexco, a state owned producer and exporter of fruits and vegetables. Initial phase of the project will focus on increasing banana quality and post harvest techniques, and on developing and expanding export markets. Funded by the New Zealand Government, Consult_AG, and Admiralty International.