Bank Restructuring

Admiralty’s specialists have had extensive experience managing international multi-branch commercial banks and investment banking operations around the world. These specialists can provide detailed practical experience across the full range of bank management areas.

Specific products have been developed to provide banks with a range of assistance, from simple review and audit of existing systems to complete turnkey installation of bank:

Banking Systems

Admiralty International has created complete turnkey modules that can be installed directly in a bank or used as templates to modernize existing bank systems. These include:

See also the comprehensive Information Technology and Management Information Systems made available by our affiliated company New Technology Banking Systems.

Bank Training

Admiralty International has developed and offers a comprehensive bank training system. Since this program is offered as distinct modules, client banks may choose to customize their training programs by focusing on particular modules or adopt the entire training system. View outline of training modules.

Capital Markets

Admiralty International’s specialists have had experience in most of the world's major capital markets. Services include:

  • Reviewing existing corporate capital structure
  • Recommending optimum capital structure
  • Structuring equity issue or private placement
  • Structuring debt issue or private placement
  • Arranging credit rating, if necessary
  • Arranging CUSIP or other securities registration, if necessary
  • Supervising documentation and settlement procedures

Often, clients prefer larger banking firms to handle capital markets issues for them. For these larger, more complex international issues, we will recommend the use of an international firm. In such cases, Admiralty International can still provide the following valuable services and independent advice to our client, the issuer:

  • Advising in selection of bank, investment bank or syndicate
  • Reviewing recommended structures, terms, conditions and pricing>
  • Supervising documentation and settlement procedures

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance specialists work with clients to establish optimum capital structures and assist in raising debt, equity and quasi-equity capital.

These services may include:

  • Arranging or restructuring loans
  • Raising equity or quasi-equity
  • Merger, acquisition, and divestment
  • Structuring and financing management buy-outs, management buy-ins and leveraged buy-outs
  • Structuring and arranging leases and sale-lease back financings.

Corporate Restructuring

Restructuring of troubled companies or non-performing divisions or operating units may involve a range of services, including:

  • Management advice
  • Strategic planning
  • Development and implementation of business plans
  • Labor and/or product rationalization
  • Downsizing
  • Divestment, spin-off or liquidation
  • Debt rescheduling, debt/equity conversions
  • Equity and capital account restructuring


Private sector divestment of assets, subsidiaries or independent operating units, or privatization of state owned assets by government requires a range of financial and legal skills.

Admiralty International’s specialists can:

  • Value assets and enterprises
  • Recommend and implement value enhancing strategies
  • Prepare assets and enterprises for divestment
  • Liquidate non-viable enterprises
  • Consolidate assets among several non-viable enterprises
  • Evaluate local capital markets
  • Survey potential international investors
  • Identify impediments and recommend practical solutions
  • Involve appropriate multilateral and donor nation agencies
  • Develop suitable capital structure
  • Raise debt and equity

Information Technology and Management Information Systems

Admiralty International’s principals have many years' experience as Information Technology specialists. Services provided include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Systems analysis and requirements analysis
  • Systems and database design and development
  • Application development and implementation
  • Security and encryption of data and communications
  • Package selection and adaptation
  • Project management and system implementation
  • Post implementation reviews
  • User training and trainer training
  • Systems audit
  • Risk analysis and contingency planning
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Telecommunications needs analysis

See also New Technology Banking Systems


Admiralty maintains a regular investment program for its own and international client funds. See for current initiatives in Australia, China, Mexico and the US. While it is not a licensed investment manager in the US, it acts as Investment Manager for six German venture capital partnerships of First Global Venture Capital AG, and participated in the organization of Alameda Capital LLC in California. It has operated successful investment programs in Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, Mexico, New Zealand, the UK and the US. It is licensed as an investment manager in Bulgaria and was the first foreign company to be licensed as such in Armenia.

Admiralty currently invests in US corporate bonds through Mesirow Financial in Chicago, and has arrangements to trade US equities through Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and E*Trade, and is now developing investment opportunities in Australia, China, Mexico, New Zealand, the US and Uruguay.

US real estate transactions are handled in coordination with licensed real estate brokers. Admiralty’s own team of lawyers expedites this process.

Investment Promotion

Admiralty Group has experience in investment promotion and evaluating investment climates, which we have done in scores of countries, for both our own account, for international financial institutions (especially the International Financial Corporation) and for private clients.

Click here for our investment experience and ability


While Admiralty International is not a law firm, and none of its principals and associates now practices law, several of its senior Directors are lawyers and hold Juris Doctor degrees. The firm's Managing Director has practiced law for the US Department of Commerce and the international law firm of Graham and James. He is a member of the US Federal and State of California Bars. Other Directors are also lawyers with significant experience. This training and experience has given the firm and its specialists a grounding in important areas of:

  • Corporate law
  • Partnership law
  • Joint ventures
  • Contract law
  • Documentation
  • Banking law
  • International law
  • Trade and trade finance law
  • Product liability
  • Labor law
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Debtors' rights and creditors' remedies
  • Export and import laws, regulations and practices.

The firm's principals can often act as an effective intermediary between clients and both the clients' and opposing law firms. In the capacity of independent, experienced commercially astute lawyers, we are often able to streamline structures and documentation, to speed up negotiations and settlements in cases where law firms tend to bog down or run up fees. We can delineate legal requirements and supervise the work of the lawyers. This ensures quality control of documents and transaction structure, and a timely and equitable settlement.

Performance Survey and Monitoring

Admiralty enhances development-programming performance through a customized, participatory process, described more fully below. Its approach measures program impact, relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability — prior to initiation of a program, during and post-implementation — and highlights both success and challenges.

Admiralty provides a full set of monitoring and evaluation services, assisting organizations in the design, management and review of monitoring systems for programs and projects. Admiralty also undertakes external evaluation studies of individual projects, of national policies and programs, of institutions and their partnerships using a multidisciplinary approach — connecting technical processes with the social, economic and institutional elements.

One it its specialties is work in conflict areas. It has implemented impact evaluations for clients located both in conflict and/or emergency settings and contexts where emergencies have given way for post conflict development and reconstruction. It has successfully completed a number of assignments in Iraq. This experience will be well suited for work in Haiti. Admiralty is adept at using both qualitative and quantitative data sets, within logical and results based frameworks. Its experience with conflict related contexts and with programming that has goals that are difficult to measure or quantify (i.e. conflict transformation, political change, human development and capacity building) allows us to work with our clients to ensure our customized approach delivers efficient, comprehensive analysis that includes a review of all intended program outputs and success indicators as well as stakeholder satisfaction and experiences, thereby also examining broader, indirect impacts of any given program. Finally, the depth of Admiralty’s evaluation approach helps to inform similar-styled activities for the future by providing detailed recommendations and lessons learned.

Privatization and Corporatization

Admiralty International's privatization and corporatization experience began in New Zealand, still regarded as the world's most successful model of public sector reform and privatization. Thereafter, Admiralty adopted that experience in many other countries of the world as privatization and related enterprise restructuring programs swept Central Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as Africa and Asia. View Admiralty International's Statement of Qualifications.

Project Finance

Admiralty International’s principals have extensive experience in project finance around the world in projects as diverse as:

  • Transportation (aircraft, airports, air traffic control equipment, railroads, trucking, road and bridge building, ships, barges, shipyards, and harbors)
  • Mining (bauxite, coal, copper, gold, manganese, nickel)
  • Manufacturing plants and equipment of all types
  • Property (hotels, commercial, industrial, residential)
  • Primary industries (agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food processing)
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO) and Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) projects
  • Other projects

Financial specialists can provide a range of services in the area of project finance, from seasoned, unbiased advice through to actual implementation of a complete turnkey project.

Property Development, Management, Marketing and Finance

Property Development. Admiralty and its principals have been involved in development of property for more than 30 years globally in locations such as Australia, China, Mexico, New Zealand, the US and Uruguay, and are currently exploring opportunities in Asia and East Africa. Other current ideas are presented at Areas of expertise include feasibility studies, property acquisition, entitlements, and construction management.

Property Management. Admiralty and its principals are currently managing client properties in Bulgaria, Canada and Mexico, and in the US in California and Texas. Properties under management have been primarily residential, including mobile and modular communities, apartments, senior living and single family.

Property Marketing. Admiralty International Marketing Services (AIMS), headed by Mark Van Horne and Matthew Szabo currently offers international marketing and sales services to international residential developers and hotel and resort operators which have sales programs for full ownership, fractional ownership and club membership interest in their resorts. AIMS has worked with developers and operators in Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina.

Real Estate Finance. In connection with its other financial services, Admiralty and its principals have arranged acquisition, development, interim and long term financing for their own real estate development projects and portfolio acquisitions, as well as arranging financing for projects of Admiralty clients.

Public Enterprise Reform

Admiralty International has extensive experience in public enterprise reform, including privatization, corporatization, and divestment. This experience was developed during New Zealand's successful public sector reform program of the 1980s and expanded in many countries thereafter. View Admiralty International's Statement of Qualifications for public enterprise reform.

Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SME) and Micro Finance

Economic development, as well as the success of privatization and public enterprise reform programs, in many countries places special reliance on the development of robust small scale enterprises. Admiralty International’s specialists can provide a range of services, including:

  • Management advice
  • Strategic advice
  • Developing and implementing business plans
  • Establishing micro credit schemes
  • Small scale rural and urban capital formation
  • Marketing research
  • Developing and implementing marketing plans
  • Developing optimum capital structures
  • Raising debt and equity
  • Developing bank relationships
  • Establishing trade policies and procedures
  • Developing international trading relations
  • Establishing information technology, MIS and EDP functions
  • Recruiting, testing and selecting staff
  • Training (a full range of courses suitable for small-scale businesses.)

Structured Finance and Financial Engineering

Admiralty International’s financial specialists can provide a number of services in the area of structured finance. This advice can range from practical, experienced, objective advice through to actual implementation of a structured finance. Expertise is available in the areas of:

  • Off-balance sheet financings
  • Securitizations
  • Collateralized borrowings
  • Special purpose corporations, holding companies and trust arrangements
  • Tax effective financings
  • Debt/equity swaps

Training and Education

Admiralty International, its principals and associates have been involved in training and education at the secondary, tertiary, post graduate and professional levels. A range of standard courses is available, including:

  • Banking
  • Credit and lending
  • Risk analysis
  • Non-performing loans
  • Specialized lending
  • Corporate capital structures
  • Corporate finance
  • Foreign exchange
  • Trade finance
  • Treasury
  • Bank operations
  • Funds management
  • Capital markets
  • Issues of senior bank management
  • Corporate valuation
  • Introduction to computers
  • Computers in financial analysis
  • Computers in business
  • Computer spreadsheets
  • Project management
  • Computer based accounting
  • English as a foreign language
  • Business English
  • Personal development
  • Goal setting
  • Word processing
  • Desktop publishing
  • Negotiating and selling
  • Small business management skills
  • Entrepreneurship

Admiralty International often employs Participatory Workshops as part of its methodology as (1) an effective training device, (2) a quick and accurate method of performing a self evaluative needs assessment and gap analysis, and (3) an efficient for collaborative decision making. See Admiralty International and Participatory Workshops