United States of America and the Americas

Admiralty International and it's principals have completed the following assignments in the United States and the Americas

Canada: Real Estate Development Projects

Admiralty represents several US investors in Canadian real estate to swap these properties for others located in the US and elsewhere. An Admiralty International funded project.

United States: Corporate Bond Investment Fund

Established and manages Admiralty Global Bond Fund, now investing in US corporate bonds and with plans to expand into international corporate bond investments. Investments now underway using company and client funds.

United States: Film Financing

Admiralty consulted to Film Finance and Development, a US company that financed three feature length children’s films for UK investors. Structured and executed financings for investors in a British sale-leaseback arrangement.

United States: Geothermal Energy Financing

Structured and executed financings for Republic Geothermal, an Atlantic Richfield (ARCO)'s subsidiary, which was developing geothermal energy. Debt was financed on a project basis using debt securities guaranteed by the Department of Energy of the US Government. Prepared sales memoranda. Priced, structured and privately placed debt, serviced investors and rolled over financing at quarterly intervals.

United States: Real Estate Investment

Developed and maintained an extensive real estate portfolio for own account and clients' accounts. Maintain comprehensive data in particular national markets and relationships with local brokers and national lenders.

United States: Software Development

Direct investor in a software company involved in cryptography and computer security.

United States: Sale of Agricultural Land

Represented the buyer of US$100 million of Getty Oil agricultural land sold by Texeco Oil, after its acquisition of Getty. Structured and negotiated on private placement basis.

United States: Securitization of Automobile Leases

Structured the securitization of a US$200 million portfolio of automobile leases. Client, South East Toyota, is the largest Toyota distributor in the US. Its subsidiary, World Omni Leasing, provides lease finance as a captive automobile and truck leasing company. Provided the full range of investment banking services necessary to securitize the lease pool. The structure was soon copied by major Wall Street investment banks. This was the first automobile lease securitization ever done, and grew to over US$1 billion.

United States: Venture Capital Investment

Established Alameda Capital LLC, a California based venture capital fund designed to invest in nanotechnology. Seed financing provided by Admiralty and its partners. While a few top quality strategic corporate investors were located, insufficient funding was secured to close fund. Activities now suspended.

United States: Organization of Personnel Department.

Created new International Human Resources group from zero for major information services company.

United States: Organization of Personnel Department Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis.

Built more effective training system for commercial bank by focus on strategic plans and knowledge/skills gaps.

United States: Merger and Acquisition Human Resources Management

Consulting with major energy company’s Merger and Acquisition team. Developed and implemented HR policies, processes and procedures.